Strategy Implementation
and Reporting Software

At Plansatwork we assist clients to activate strategy. Our Envisio software implements strategic and operational plans,
tracks progress and generates comprehensive reports.


Envisio's dynamic, easy-to-use strategy implementation, employee performance management and reporting software brings your strategic plan to life -- and OFF a static spreadsheet. Enjoy real-time visual updates into the status of your plan, automate all tracking and reporting, and keep your entire team engaged and working towards a common goal.


Align teams, gather input, exchange ideas, and keep conversations focused on the work that matters.


Real-time visual insights highlight shared progress and connects individual activities with organizational goals.


Track and report on key metrics with customized reports that showcase overall and individual performance.


Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Ian Clark

    Managing Director

    About Ian Clark

    I learned the skill of strategic planning from one of the best strategists in one of the most demanding environments, pre-hospital emergency medicine. As GM of a large road and aeromedical operation it became evident just how challenging it was to:

    1. Keep our plan contemporary,
    2. Connect people to the plan and,
    3. Monitor progress effectively.

    We used word docs, excel spreadsheets and far too many staff hours reporting.

    As CEO of St John Vic. and later as CEO of Tennis Victoria I was determined to fix the problem. I began my mapping the process and with the help of a group of very talented software programmers we slowly brought together an early version of the Envisio program.

    This early program caught the eye of Mike and Cara Bell who in 2011 launched Envisio Inc. operating out of Vancouver Canada. Together we have remodeled the program and continued the development process toward the completion of what is a fully integrated strategy implementation, employee performance management and reporting software.

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    Beata Csupor

    Manager Customer Service

    About Beata Csupor

    Apart from the business administration that keeps us ticking over, Beata’s main focus, is ensuring that our clients have the best possible experience using Envisio.

    When we ‘on-board’ our clients we provide the training for all users and handover a fully customised and data populated program reflecting the organisation’s:

    • Reporting structure,
    • Personnel profile,
    • Language and,
    • The entire plan.

    Beyond this implementation phase our clients needs are first and foremost. We pride ourselves on responding quickly and effectively when we’re needed, this includes:

    • Assisting with revised data entry
    • Training new staff
    • Answering user questions,

    We have a comprehensive on-line help library complete with video tutorials, but we’re always happy to help and stay in contact.

  • Testimonial

    Product Development

    About Product Development

    Our shared product development resources with Envisio Inc., Canada has 5 full time dedicated software development professionals continuously working on our program.

    The team’s task is to:

    • Write the code and create the engaging user interface for our continuous feature upgrade program.
    • Create the new program modules such as the Employee Performance and the soon to be released Risk Management modules.
    • Release the enhancements to our current program.
    • Ensure our program runs quickly and effectively for all our clients. Our program ‘up-time’ statistics are industry leading.

Our Valued Partners

As consultant, the execution of an organisation’s plan is often the most challenging aspect of strategic planning. Plansatwork prides itself on building strong relationships with consultant companies that are dedicated to client success and share our values and work ethic.

As a result of our partnerships we can offer clients a full end to end planning development and execution program that reflects the true strategic needs of organisations.

If you are interested in working with us please feel free to contact us.

  • Testimonial
    Martin Hirons, Managing Director, Sport Business Partners

    SBP is an Australian based consulting group that was established in 2001. The company provides strategic advice and insights to the not-for-profit and commercial business sectors through a range of integrated strategy, commercial and market research services. Martin Hirons is the Managing Director of SBP and his core expertise is based around business strategy and market research including data and customer insights, stakeholder needs, service quality and new product development. His experience in the strategy and research industry spans over 28 years. Martin is a member of Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS); a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute; and holds a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Business (Marketing) from Monash University. He is also the Chairman of Red Dust Role Models, an Indigenous health promotion not-for-profit program that conducts most of its work with remote communities and youth in the N.T. and W.A.

  • Testimonial
    Sue Kellsal, Rapid Impact

    Sue has more than 20 years of experience working with executives to make substantial and sustainable change. She has a relentless focus as she works to pin point key issues, test assumptions and develop evidence-based solutions that can stand up to the rigor of boards, clients, key stakeholders and the community.

 Once the strategy is set, Sue helps leaders to overcome the inertia of the current ways of operating to ensure the full value of their strategy is released. Sue creates positive, long term working relationships with leaders, often moving across organisations, communities and industries to assist clients apply strategy disciplines to new career challenges. These engagements have allowed Sue to work on three continents, with a diverse range of leaders from boutique organisations through to multinationals and communities.

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